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Sleeping Beauty

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When visiting Still Bay – also known as The Bay of the Sleeping Beauty – it goes without saying that a visit to our Inverroche Distillery is a must. But, what else could you do if you’re making a day trip or an overnight stay of it? The following are just five among many of our recommended activities.

Ancient Fish Traps

Still Bay’s fish traps are still-working relics from the past, both the recent and very distant. Most of the existing fish traps that we can still see, have been built during the past 300 years, some as recently as the latter part of the 20th century, whilst others, according to prominent archaeologists, could date as far back as 3,000 years ago, but this does not preclude a possibility of an even more ancient origin.

Blombos Museum of Archaeology

As the site of one of the most significant archaeological finds in history, this coastal town has a rich human history that goes back more than 160,000 years! To discover the incredible story and emergence of sentient humans be sure to visit the Blombos Museum of Archaeology that is found on the historic De Jager Homestead, also known as ‘Die Palingat’.

Slippery Eels

You won’t believe it, but a real crowd puller in Still Bay are some slippery eels! These fresh water eels have been migrating up and down stream to this natural spring pond on the De Jager Homestead for generations now. They are fed daily from 11am and draw sizeable crowds in season.

Amazing Beaches and Epic Surf

Still Bay boasts some of the most idyllic beaches in Southern Africa. And, thanks to the shallow bay, the lagoon and the 15 kilometre long navigable Goukou river, just about every kind of water-related activity can be undertaken from swimming and sunbathing to surfing and sailing. The water is also warm pretty much all year round, so a snorkel in the Fish Traps is always on the cards.


The seaside hamlet of Jongensfontein is a stone’s throw from Still Bay – 10 kilometre’s to be exact – and provide one with a quieter (if that’s even possible) experience of this rugged and beautiful coastline. So, if it’s rest and relaxation you’re looking for, you can’t do better than a few nights in one of the exquisite seaside rentals on offer.