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African Alchemy

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Distilling gin is a time honoured tradition and the diversity of the spirit is not to be underestimated. But, few gins around the world are made with such unique ingredients, depth of flavour and uncompromising commitment to sustainability as those made at our Inverroche Distillery in Still Bay – it’s a kind of African Alchemy.

We are fiercely committed to doing what we consider to be ‘the right thing’. “Still Bay’s remarkable archaeological history tells us that this place is symbolic of how humans can and should live in harmony with the environment – it’s a legacy that we will continue to honour through our process,” says Lorna Scott of Inverroche.

But, how? Well, for starters, our copper potstill is filled with hand pumped water straight from the aquifer beneath the distillery. The fact that this mineral rich water passes through the limestone rocks here is another reason our footprint is so small. Then, its no accident that the roaring fires that heat the still are fuelled by alien plant species that threaten the fynbos’ water security. And, finally, the local fynbos botanicals we use are propagated and cultivated under controlled conditions in their natural habitat and handpicked so that no additional pressure is placed on this scarce resource.

Even with such a low impact, there is a small amount of inevitable by-product which we recycle by mixing it with the abundant limestone sand at the distillery and turn it into sun dried bricks which is then used for paving at our ever growing Brand Home.

Once we’ve distilled our gins, every bottle of Inverroche is filled, labelled and boxed by hand creating opportunities and employment for the local community – as if to drive this point home, each bottle is individually numbered by hand before leaving the distillery.

Lorna concludes, “We didn’t set out to build a global gin brand, although that is what has happened. No, we started out wanting to simply tell the story of this unique place by making something using the abundant resources that define it. So, it’s easy for us to stay grounded and focused on what we are doing because our goal is still the same.”