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The Gin Sensorium

At Inverroche, we’re on a permanent journey of discovery and we believe that sharing what we’ve learned is a critical component of human progress. After all; learning, sharing, learning in a continuous cycle is what elevated our species onto a rapid path of evolution. This ethos of freely flowing information exchange is the reason we developed the Gin Sensorium.

We opened the Inverroche Gin Sensorium and School in December of 2017 and it quickly drew enthusiasts and curious newbies from far and wide. The school is open on Saturdays during the year and Lorna Scott personally teaches two classes a day, every day, during season.

“I want people to learn what I have learned about the incredible natural resource that is fynbos, about the alchemy of making gin and I want to be able to close the loop of this story that links us to our environment. Of course, it’s an added bonus that the whole experience is a lot of fun,” smiles Lorna.


The idea of learning and teaching is close to Lorna’s heart. In fact, were it not for the teachings of the late Dr. Tol Pienaar and his wife Annette, we may not have the products we have today. Lorna says with a deep sense of gratitude, “Tol was an incredible man, a local botanist. He and his wife Annette ran a nursery in town and it is he who taught me all I know about the Fynbos.” She continues, “Before he died he gave me a list of 300 botanicals out of more than 9,000 that he thought would be worth exploring in our gins. It’s not an exaggeration to say that without those notes we’d still be searching – we are indebted to Tol and Annette,” she says.

And so, passing on that knowledge is both a privilege and a duty that Inverroche are committed to through our extremely popular Gin School.

“At the end of the experience people walk away having learned something about our link to the land as well as having made something using only their own senses and the natural ingredients provided – a never to be repeated combination of creativity involving the abundant flora of this region. It’s pretty magical when you think about it,” enthuses Lorna.