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A Growing Family

Gin is, at it’s core, a social creation. It’s our belief that the creation of the gins themselves should have a social impact beyond the simple enjoyment of our products and create opportunity for everyone. It’s this belief that’s kept us heavily involved and linked to our local community – as Inverroche prospers, so should the people of Still Bay.

Inverroche is a family business in every sense of the word. “My son Rohan helped me experiment with and design the original gins and my daughter Lauren was keenly involved in the design of the packaging as well as styling and taking our product photography; the Scott family fingerprint is on everything that is Inverroche,” says Lorna Scott.

What we didn’t imagine was how quickly our family would grow. As these unique gins quickly found an audience both at home and abroad, the extended family of Inverroche multiplied to keep up with demand – we now employ more than 70 staff at the distillery during high season, 45 are full time.

“We’re extremely proud of the fact that 70 percent of our employees are indigenous women from the local area. The knock-on effect is dramatic – it means at least 45 families are directly sharing in our success. In fact, one family has two generations working at the Brand Home,” Lorna adds.


This commitment to community, although we prefer the word family, extends to third party suppliers too and we always look to local partners found in the immediate vicinity first before casting the net further afield.

The success of Inverroche has allowed us to start broadening our impact on the town and in recent years we’ve been able to get behind local people and their projects that aren’t specifically associated to our core business. The Hessequa Society for Archaelogy is a case in point.

“We’re absolutely inspired and in awe of the historical significance of this place,” Lorna says referring to Still Bay and the surrounding Hessequa Municipality. “We believe that the story of humanity’s development as chronicled through the discoveries at Blombos Caves and other sites along this coastline tell a simple and powerful story of man and the environment – both flora and fauna – coexisting in a sustainable manner is a story that needs telling. We’ve decided to get behind Jan and his work as a way of furthering our understanding of the human story.”

And, of course, the impact of the distillery is being felt by local business and tourism as more and more people are brought to Still Bay to discover for themselves the unfolding story of our unique gins.