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Leading The Charge

Inverroche is first and foremost a family business. And, while it’s wholeheartedly true that Inverroche’s success is the result of a total team effort, it would be incorrect not to acknowledge that the Scott family have steered Inverroche to the place we find ourselves today.

Lorna Scott

Of course, without Lorna none of this would exist. A fiercely determined personality who combines passion for distilling with in-depth knowledge of the local biome and an inimitable love for this part of the world; Lorna is quite literally the driving force behind Inverroche.

Michael Scott

Michael is a trusted support to Lorna and the Inverroche team. In his previous life, Michael was a Michelin Star chef and his culinary background and exceptional understanding of flavour and process provide Lorna and her team with an enviable sounding board as they seek to expand their product offering.

Rohan Scott

Since the beginning Rohan has been Lorna’s partner in crime, sitting at the kitchen table alongside his mom and helping her go through the arduous process of distilling, tasting and, inevitably, starting all over again until they arrived at the trilogy of Gins that are available today under the Inverroche name.

Lauren Scott

Lauren is a creative soul. Early on she took an active role in developing and guiding the look and feel of the Inverroche brand. If you’ve ever salivated over a delicious Inverroche inspired cocktail image, the chances are it was styled and photographed by Lauren.